UltraBase Systems®
Champion Panel

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UltraBase Systems®
Standard Panel

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Play It Safe, Cover Your Bases

THE NEXT GENERATION OF FIELDS. Safer to play on, structurally superior, easier to install and responsibly made from recycled materials, UltraBaseSystems is the foundation of the next generation of synthetic turf installations.

ENGINEERED FOR SUCCESS. Designed with safety, performance and ease of installation as the catalyst for success, UltraBaseSystems is changing the standard by which synthetic turf installations are judged.

REPLACE MASS WITH SCIENCE. More than just a revolutionary product, UltraBaseSystems is creating a new synthetic turf industry category. Our multi patented panel base structure surpasses traditional rock and gravel base construction, replacing mass with science, which equals safer and better fields.

SAFETY AND PERFORMANCE FIRST. UltraBaseSystems delivers safety and performance results the likes of which the industry has never seen. From dramatic reduction in head trauma injury, purity of predictable ball roll and bounce to our patented, sure footed non slide turf design, synthetic turf has never looked so perfect or felt so real!

LIMITLESS INSTALLATION POSSIBILITIES. Whether you are retrofitting an existing natural grass field or transforming an asphalt parking lot into a state of the art artificial turf play area, UltraBaseSystems has you covered. Engineered to be installed permanently and smart enough to be easily relocated, you never lose your investment.